We provide the following services:

  • Residential Property - Buying and Selling
  • Commercial Property - Buyi and Selling
  • Commercial Property - Leasing for Landlord
  • Commercial Property - Leasing for Tenant
  • Business - Buying and Selling
  • Presale Project Marketing on Behalf of Developer
  • Residential Property - AirBNB Management and Long-Term Rent

we're NOT JUST ANOTHER REALTOR we're your partner


We Believe: 1> Anything is Possible 2>Helping others is helping ourselves


Residential & Commercial

For Sellers, there is only one thing  for us: the highest sales price with Seller's required conditions.  


Making Deals is our job but it is not our goal. We are here to help you even sometimes there is no business for us. We will advise you not to buy or sell if it's not a good timing or deal for you, even if we cannot make any money.


We make it very simple for buyers. First, we help you find what you really like and need. Then we make a very good deal for you. Sound easy, but difficult to do. We know.

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Good Morning, Good Realtor


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Team is better

No business is an island – we know that better than anyone. We're always looking for complementary services to offer tor our clients.

 If you can offer the best quality of work or services with reasonable price, please contact us to work as a team.

"HELP MORE PEOPLE" is our mission, not selling your property or buying a property. People keep asking us why and how. 

Why? We believe that helping others is helping ourselves.

  • The only way to make more money and big money is to help you get what you want.
  • And then we will get what we want and more clients will come via your referrals.

How? We believe that there are 3 important facts to accomplish that.

  • Firstly, our ability. There are 3 ways for our ability to demonstrate top performance. 1>We learn from real deals with over 100 deals every year. 2>We have training at least 2 times every week. 3>We have specialist expert teams in our team that focus on different area: Commercial, Residential, Presale, etc. 
  • Secondly, honesty and reputation. 1> We try our best to exceptionally recruit only good people 2>We care about our reputation very seriously.
  • We stay with our mission even if we cannot make money in some cases. "Helping more people " is always our first priority.